OSGi based Service Mobility Management for Pervasive Computing Environments

S.K. Lee and J.H. Lee (Korea)


Pervasive Computing, HomeNetwrok, Embedded System, OSGi


OSGi (Open Services Gateway Initiative) offers a unique opportunity for pervasive computing as a potential framework for achieving interoperability between various sensors, home appliances, and networked devices. The OSGi framework supports a remote installation of a bundle, which is a unit that installs and deploys services. However, in order for the bundle in execution to migrate, a specific form of bundle such a mobile agent, is needed one which is able to move through a heterogeneous network. This paper proposes a method that can manage bundles like these dynamic agents, in order to ensure the mobility of entities in multiple OSGi framework environments. For our purposes, we have designed the mobile agent management system for managing the lifecycle and mobility of agents in the OSGi framework. The mobile agent management system we are proposing implements a bundle form which can perform in an OSGi framework as well as manage autonomous mobile services. As a result, mobility in a pervasive environment will be supported more efficiently.

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