An Estimation of the Upper Bound of TCP Throughput in High-Speed Networks

M. Ito, K. Asai, T. Murakami, R. Suzuki, K. Kinoshita, H. Tode, and K. Murakami (Japan)


TCP, MTU, upper bound, throughput, bandwidth, delay


Global communications feature wide bandwidth, and are spreading and diversifying. Also, end-system PCs are becoming faster, with greater functionality. TCP is indispensable for ensuring reliable data communications under a range of environments, but under conditions of high end to end TCP throughput, high system delay acts to reduce the throughput. This paper clearly establishes the existence of an upper bound of TCP throughput, useful pointer for improving this degradation. The theoretical upper bound of throughput is examined for the packet buffering used in many versions of TCP, and routes to improvement are indicated. Although seeking the theoretical upper bound, measurements were also made on a receiving terminal using a time-measuring program, against which the theoretical results were evaluated.

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