Variable Packet Size of IP Packets for VoIP Transmission

M. Hassan and D.F. Alekseevich (Russia)




This paper evaluates suitable voice-data length in IP packets for the adjustment of VoIP network systems, based on the voice-quality level while varying the voice data length of IP packets under various network conditions. We noticed that a VoIP system with long voice data has high-transmission efficiency but there is a high deterioration in the voice-quality level in an inferior network. We also noticed that a VoIP system with short voice data is tolerant to packet losses and preserves voice quality. Based on this, we propose a VoIP system that sets the voice-data length of IP packets according to dynamically changing network QoS conditions to achieve both high-transmission efficiency and stable voice quality. Here to reduce the length of IP packets while transmitting in the high traffic conditions, we use higher compression techniques to generate short voice data packets.

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