SwarmLan: A Language for Host Recommendation

B. Goldschmidt and Z. László (Hungary)


multimedia, QoS language, distributed services, adaptation


Distributed applications, like video-on-demand services, require QoS provision. When using applications compris ing dynamically reconfigurable modules, the demands can be provided by the proactive deployment of the compo nents. In this paper we introduce SWARMLAN, a language that can describe the communication connections and de mands of a general class of distributed applications. Al though there are several languages developed for describ ing QoS needs of applications, they are direct in the sense, that they are able only to describe the actual demands and connection of the components. Our language is intended to describe the template of the connections, and the actual deployment and QoS demand can be provided for each con crete case individually. Moreover, the results produced by the compiled code can be used to decide about the optimal future deployment of components.

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