A Circuit Board Approach to Building Web Applications

H. Avoyan and A. Mehrabyan (Armenia)


Rapid application development, visual programming, web engineering, quick prototyping, component based development, component library, visual circuit based software development THE PAPER CONTENTS In section 1 we provide introduction to Buildap. Section 2 introduces concepts used in Buildap. Then section 3 provides demonstrate utilization of component based development in midlarge Web application, then, in section 4 there is comparison technologies. Finally, in sections 5 and 6, we pre


[1] The Buildap (formerly known as VSCB Visual Software Circuit Board) platform supports a component based development methodology towards the development of software systems. The circuit board design techniques and methodologies, which have evolved for electronic device and component engineering for decades, now applied for software systems and applications, makes the component based development process easy to visualize and comprehend. This paper describes the Buildap component based approach for well-known PetStore web application development. [2] The PetStore is a reference application from the Java Enterprise Blueprints program, supported by Sun Microsystems. PetStore becomes the standard way for evaluation of different technologies. PetStore implementations are available in number of technologies and frameworks, including J2EE and .Net. Categories and Subject Descriptors D.2.2 [Design Tools and Techniques] Computer-aided software engineering (CASE), Evolutionary prototyping, Flow charts, Modules and interfaces, Object-oriented design methods, Software libraries. D.2.11 [Software Architectures] Domain-specific architectures, Patterns (e.g., client/server, pipeline, blackboard). D.2.6 [Programming Environments] Graphical environments, Integrated environments, Interactive environments, Programmer workbench. General Terms Design, Economics, Reliability, Experimentation, Standardization.

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