A Framework for Transformations of XML WITHIN the Binary Domain

W. Van Lancker, R. De Sutter, D. De Schrijver, and R. Van de Walle (Belgium)


Binary Encoded XML, MPEG7, BiM, XML transformations


Since XML-formatted content and data is becoming the medium of communication par excellence on intranets and the Internet, the requirements to minimize the network load caused by XML-based traffic and the processing time is more and more important. Due to the verbosity of XML, the need for an efficient serialization of XML data becomes more relevant. In order to reduce this overhead, MPEG-7 Systems has developed a Binary Format for Metadata (BiM) which provides an alternative serialization that has good compression efficiency. At the same time, BiM offers the possibility to manipulate XML trees in the binary domain. This capability can be used to perform adaptations of XML data in the binary domain. Plenty of commercial and open source tools for transforming XML documents are available, but all of them operate on plain text XML and lack the capability to adapt XML-based data in the binary domain. In this paper, we present a framework for transforming binary encoded XML documents. This framework enables the efficient adaptation of XML data within the binary domain, i.e., without additional encoding and/or decoding overhead and is based on an optimized caching of the resulting transformations.

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