A System Level Integration for Remote Learning Services based on DVB-T Platform

E. Gambi, S. Spinsante, M. Baldi, G. Righi, and G. Ronzino (Italy)


Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial, Videoconference, Interactivity, MHP.


The development of new value added services based on the Digital Video Broadcasting Terrestrial (DVB-T) tech nology makes it possible to address a large amount of end users, among which also those users who are not familiar with Internet based services can be included. By means of DVB-T, services and applications can be delivered that are characterized by differentiated levels of interactivity. In this paper we propose an example of integration between different technologies, DVB-T and videoconference, in or der to widen the spectrum of available interactive services, with specific reference to a learning environment. The fi nal user can access a remote learning service by means of a traditional and well-known tool, such as the home televi sion, and enjoy interactivity thanks to a properly designed application. We also present the results provided by a lab implementation, in terms of quality of the video content delivered to the final user.

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