A Ubiquitous Zoo Guide

H. Hlavacs (Austria), F. Gelies, D. Blossey (Germany), and B. Klein (Austria)


Ubiquitous, Zoo Guide, Peertopeer, JXTA


In this paper a novel visitor information system for zoos is described. Vistors going through the zoo hold PDAs close to RFID tags, which are attached to animal cages, and which thus identify the animals. Over WLAN, the PDAs send this ID to a Web server, which sends back a multime dia Web presentation for the respective animal. The novel idea is to additionally attach the Web server to a global zoo peer-to-peer system, thus enabling zoos world wide to share animal presentations. Each zoo contributes multime dia presentations for some of their animals in one or several languages, but can also download presentations for other animals in many other languages. This way, the zoos can keep the effort for creating presentations small, but are able to present multimedia information for all of their animals in many languages.

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