Conquering the Heterogeneity and Evolutionary Nature of XML Using XML Union Views

M. Krishnaprasad, Zhen-Hua Liu, D. Florescu, A. Manikutty, and J.W. Warner (USA)



Data stored in databases constantly evolves as the application requirements change over time. Such evolution is a challenge, as existing applications must continue to work with the evolved data. XML is fast becoming the data model of choice for many applications as the XML data can be evolved easily and it supports heterogeneity. Various ways of storing XML data in tables or columns have been studied and explored in the past. However, they either do not address the evolving or heterogeneous nature of XML, or they do not take advantage of that in query optimization. UNION-ALL Views offer a logical layer to combine XML stored in various forms. This form of views – XML views – unlike relational views, offer logical structural partitioning of the XML data. In this paper we examine how such views can be used to solve the heterogeneity and evolving nature of XML and the unique properties of such views that allow better optimization.

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