Supporting Stratum Access for Fuzzy Queries

S.-W. Hwang (Korea)


query optimization, access methods


This paper addresses the problem of retrieving query re sults by fuzzy association. Many works have studied ap plications that associate multiple objects by “fuzzy” (or “soft”) conditions. For example, in heterogeneous data in tegration, similar name constants referring to the same en tity are joined by the fuzzy notion of similarity, as they can differ in subtle ways (e.g., “Jane Smith” and “J. Smith”). Similarly, in spatial queries, two objects are joined by the fuzzy measure of the distance between the two. However, these works are specific solely to the specific target scenar ios. This paper thus models representative access methods and formalizes this problem of supporting fuzzy associa tions in general, to unify existing applications of varying scenarios and even unstudied applications. Further, we pro pose optimal algorithms that uniformly apply to varying access methods across applications.

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