An Approach to the Benchmark Development for Data Exchange Tools

T. Okawara, A. Morishima, and S. Sugimoto (Japan)


Database Tools and Software, Benchmarks, Data Exchange, XML503-063


Recently, data exchange between different information sources has increased its importance, and many tools to help data exchange have been proposed. However, there has been no established method to evaluate the effective ness of such tools. If you would like to evaluate the query execution performance of an RDBMS, we have various benchmarks, such as TPC-C, for that purpose. Similarly, it would be convenient if we had benchmarks for evaluating the effectiveness of data exchange tools. Development of such benchmarks is not trivial, because the factors to affect the effectiveness are completely different from those to af fect the DBMS performance. Therefore, we cannot develop benchmarks using the same framework for the DBMS per formance. This paper proposes a novel framework to de velop benchmarks to evaluate the effectiveness of tools to help data exchange.

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