Combining Stabilisation/Solidification with Biodegradation to Enhance Long-Term Remediation Performance

M. Harbottle and A. Al-Tabbaa (UK)


Groundwater and soil remediation, containment strategies, stabilisation/solidification, bioremediation.


Stabilisation/solidification is a rapid and cost-effective method of remediating contaminated land, but its performance in the long term has not been thoroughly investigated. As contaminants are not destroyed or removed there is the potential for contamination risks to develop in future. Experiments have been performed to investigate the potential of biodegradation to remove organic contaminants from stabilised/solidified soil over the remediation lifetime. Three different cement grout mixtures have been studied, each with different properties that might help or hinder microbial activity within the stabilised/solidified mass. A substantial reduction in contaminant concentration was found with the cement grout exhibiting the lowest pH.

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