Kinetics and Mechanism of Heterogeneous Catalytic Ozonation of para-Chlorobenzoic Acid in the Presence of Nanosize ZnO

H. Jung and H. Choi (Korea)




A series of batch experiments were carried out to delineate the reaction kinetics of para-Chlorobenzoic acid (pCBA) and ozone in the catalytic ozonation using nanosize ZnO particles. Nanosize ZnO in water significantly enhanced the decomposition of ozone and pCBAby enhancing the catalytic reaction on the surfaceof ZnO. Therate ofozonedecompositionon thesurfaceofZnO wasstrongly pH dependent. This resulted from an increased self-aggregation rate and a subsequently decreased surface area. In the decomposition of pCBA, two-stage kinetics was observed; the initial rapid removal phase of pCBA into the beginning of the reaction (Phase I) and a slow decomposition phase (Phase II). The total removalratematchedwellwiththeremovalofpCBAinPhaseI.

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