Integration of Image Treatment Features in the Architecture of the M2M Systems based on GSM Technologies

F.J. Pérez Castelo, R. Ferreiro García, and A.J. Leira Rejas (Spain)


Telemeasurement, Telecontrol, Global System for Mobiles, J2ME, Circuit Switched Data, Machine to machine.


Nowadays the expansion of the GSM networks and the availability of quality and reliable communication services are a fact. However the development and use of M2M (Machine to Machine) systems based on GSM technologies is a relatively emergent activity. This type of system has a great range of applications. Of special interest are the applications related to telemeasurement and telecontrol, where the environmental field has a wide scope of potential use. The integration of images in the equipments M2M is a possibility not available in the first generations of these devices. This capability allows these equipments to achieve features impossible to obtain through the classical strategies based on messages SMS. The possibility to verify through a real time image that the information provided by the telemeasurement system is correct or a telecontrol action is being executed adequately increases the robustness and reliability against failure. The development of a telemeasurement and telecontrol system of this kind designed to have image treatment features is presented in this work

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