Low Cost Thermoelectric Module

T. Kumpeerapun, J. Hirunlabh (Thailand), H. Scherrer, A. Dauscher, S. Weber, H.M. Jahed, B. Lernoir, V. Kosalathip, B. Zeghmati (France), and J. Khedari (Thailand)


Thermoelectric module, Bismuth Telluride, Antimony telluride, Transport properties.


This research reports on investigation into the properties of BixSb2-xTe3 polycrystalline thermoelectric materials prepared by a less expensive technique by Melting and Hot Pressing Process to be used at room temperature and at an x value of 1.6. The Seebeck coefficient, thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity and Hall effect of the samples were measured between 70 K and 300 K. When x is equal 1.4 or more the thermoelectric material shows n-type behavior. Thermoelectric material with an x value of 0.45 was also prepared by the same method, to be used as p-type thermoelement [1]. Next, a thermoelectric module consisting of seven n-p couples was fabricated on aluminum substrates and its performance was measured. The V-I graph from the module with external load was examined. The output voltage gain was about 1.66 mVK-1 .

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