Optimization of a Single Stage Inverter with One Cycle Control for Photovoltaic Power Generation

L. Egiziano, N. Femia, D. Granozio, G. Petrone, G. Spagnuolo, and M. Vitelli (Italy)


one cycle control, photovoltaic


In this paper, the use of one cycle control for maximum power point tracking and power factor correction in grid connected photovoltaic applications is discussed. Circuit and operating parameters of the one cycle-based controller of a cost-effective single-stage inverter are optimized in order to obtain the best performances of the system under different irradiance levels (patent pending). Firstly, design constraints are formulated (patent pending) which allow to get a very efficient one cycle control operation in terms of maximum power point tracking, stability and power factor correction. Afterwards, such constraints are used to perform the parametric optimization (patent pending) of the one cycle controller by means of suitable heuristic approaches. Various selection criteria (patent pending) of the best parameters set under different conditions are discussed and applied. Finally, a customized perturb and observe control (patent pending) is applied to the optimized one cycle controlled single-stage inverter.

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