A Finite Volume Scheme for Simulation of Rainwater Harvesting Process

K. Unami, T. Kawachi (Japan), M. Yangyuoru (Ghana), and K. Ishida (Japan)


Integrated water resources management, Shallow water equations, Finite volume scheme, Rainwater harvesting


A finite volume scheme to numerically solve the two dimensional (2D) shallow water equations with source terms is presented. Innovative methods are developed for data reconstruction, flux splitting, evaluation of numerical fluxes, and treatment of source terms. Total variation di minishing (TVD) properties and monotonicity are estab lished without using an approximate Riemann solver. The finite volume scheme is applied for numerical simulation of surface runoff phenomena in a watershed, which is the catchment area of a rainwater harvesting dam. The ground surface topography of the watershed is complex, and un steady transcritical surface flow dominates the rainwater harvesting process. The simulation results demonstrate that the numerical model is excellent in terms of accuracy, ro bustness, efficiency, and applicability.

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