Decision Support Model for Sustainable Urban Drainage System Management

M. Scholz, S. Kazemi-Yazdi, and M. Englmeier (UK)


Integrated water resources management, stormwater management, sustainable urban drainage system, decision support model, pond, and tree cover


‘The Glasgow Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) Management Project’ satisfies the first of three phases of the ‘Glasgow Surface Water Management Project’. This is Glasgow City Council’s contribution to the Transformation of Rural and Urban Spatial Structure (TRUST) project, one of the European Union’s (EU) inter-regional (INTERREG IIIB) North Sea funded research projects. This project shows also how SUDS can contribute to the overall catchment dynamics of cities such as Glasgow, ultimately relieving stress on the current predominantly combined sewer system, and increasing the urban habitat value at the same time. Fifty-seven sites within 46 areas of Glasgow were identified for assessment. A detailed soil chemistry analysis and a desk study relating to vegetation, historical and current (regeneration and development) planning issues were undertaken. Detailed design guidelines were then drafted for seven selected representative demonstration areas (including the Gadburn area) of high public and property developers interest, and education value. A SUDS option decision support model was developed to help the planners to suggest appropriate SUDS techniques for potential construction sites based on site characteristics (SUDS variables). A combination of swales with ponds or wetlands were the most likely SUDS options for the majority of the demonstration areas.

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