Kinetics of Fluorene Biodegradation by a Mixed Culture

R.C.B. Gomes, R. Nogueira, J.M. Oliveira, J. Peixoto, and A.G. Brito (Portugal)


Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, fluorene, biodegradation, biosorption, kinetics


The present study intended to determine the kinetics of biological degradation of fluorene by a mixed culture of microorganisms. Batch experiments were performed, being the inoculum an enriched mixed culture from a contaminated wastewater. Fluorene was quantified in the aqueous phase by solid phase micro-extraction (SPME), and analyzed in a GC-FID. The mixed culture was able to degrade fluorene and experimental results showed that biosorption had no influence on fluorene removal. The kinetic parameters, maximum reaction rate (kmax) and half saturation constant (Ks), respectively, 3.20×10–4 h–1 ± 0.93×10–4 h–1 and 126 µg L–1 , were calculated.

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