Study of Shrimp Shell Derivatives for Treating of Low Level Radioactive Liquid Wastes

S. Hayeripour and S. Malmasi (Iran)


Chitin, Chitosan, adsorption, radionuclide


Four types of Chitin derivatives from Shrimp shell waste were studied for decontamination and treatment of low level radioactive liquid waste (LLW). Adsorption of Cs, Sr, Co and Mn isotopes on Chitin derivatives are studied in batch and column system with different diameter, pH and time of treatment. The experimental results showed that all of the adsorbent could adsorb the isotopes. Chitosan had the best efficiency among the other adsorbents; however it has some practical problem in low pH. Shrimp Shell is the most inconvenience adsorbents because of its unreliable results in different conditions. Co-60 showed the best results among the other radioisotopes, nevertheless. Adsorption performances were discussed compared with each other.

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