Mechanical Modelling and Control Layout of a Mini-PKM for Assembly Applications

L. Bruzzone, R.M. Molfino, and M. Zoppi (Italy)


Control, pseudo rigid body simulation, dynamic modelling, and parallel kinematics machines


The paper deals with a parallel robot for miniaturized assembly applications. The machine is based on the cartesian-parallel scheme and it is equipped with flexure revolute joints, in order to avoid stick-slip phenomena and reach high positioning accuracy (better than 1 ┬Ám). Its workspace volume is a cube of side 30 mm. The three flexible robot arms have internal non-actuated degrees of freedom, which can be passively damped or, if needed, actively controlled; the vibrational behaviour of the arms has been analyzed by means of a Pseudo-Rigid Body model, and the results suggests the adoption of passive damping. The actuation is based on linear cog-free motors; the actuation and control layout of the prototype is discussed.

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