Adaptive Real-Time Controller in ORICA

T.A. Omar, A. Simonet, and M. Simonet (France)


Real-time, adaptive control, periodic task execution, a periodic task execution.


An autonomous intelligent system for real-time control reasons about the world behavior. It plans responses of an agent that could satisfy safety and goal achievement objectives within an environment. An optimal control behavior is a combination of time-critical and non time critical responses of the agent. Ensuring that the time critical responses execute predictably is one aspect of the execution behavior of the controller. The second aspect is to ensure an efficient utilization of the bounded computation resources of the autonomous agent in order to give the non time-critical tasks a fair chance to execute as well. In this context, we present a real-time task execution behavior that adapts itself according to the changes in the environmental event frequency. It thus combines predictability and efficiency in executing control tasks.

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