Resilient Stabilization of Uncertain State-Delayed Symmetric Composite Systems

L. Bakule (Czech Republic)


Resilient low–order controllers, uncertainties, delays, sym metric composite systems


The paper presents a new low-order resilient controller– observer design method for a class of continuous–time state delayed uncertain nonlinear but nominally linear symmet ric composite systems with norm bounded uncertainties. Additive controller–observer gain perturbations are con sidered. Both subsystems and interconnections include time–delays. First, a low-order control design model is constructed. Its dimension equals to the subsystem’s di mension of the given original system. Then, stabilizing controller–observer with norm bounded gain uncertainties is designed using linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) for this control design model. Main result shows that when such resilient low–order controller-observer is implemented into each local controller of the overall resilient decentralized output controller, then the global closed–loop system is quadratically stable.

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