Identification of Dynamic Coefficients of Ball Bearings in Flexible Rotor Systems

Y. Kang, C.-C. Huang, P.-C. Shen, T.-W. Lin, and Y.-P. Chang (Taiwan)


Parameter identification, flexible rotor system, bearing dynamic coefficients, frequency response function, least square estimator


This study present that a simple identified algorithm of bearing dynamic coefficients is developed in flexible rotor systems. In practical operation, the sensor of unbalance responses cannot be mounted at bearing position in systems. On basis of mechanical impedance technique, the measured unbalance responses on two nodes of shaft at adjacent bearing position are employed to determine the unbalance responses on the node of shaft at bearings position. It would overcome the limitation of sensors mounting and reduce the estimated error. Moreover, the experimental accuracy of bearing dynamic coefficients is also verified by the comparison between rotor kit and estimated system model of the frequency response functions. Additionally, the characteristic of dynamic parameters of ball bearing with frequency is also discussed by the case of SKF 6001 deep-groove ball bearing.

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