Navigation of a Care and Welfare Robot using Cell Map Information

T. Yukawa, O. Hosoya, N. Saito, and H. Okano (Japan)


Movement in narrow space, omnidirectional mobile mechanism, cell map information, image recognition, line trace using two or more cameras.


In this paper, we propose the development of a robot that can perform nursing tasks in a hospital. In a narrow environment such as a sickroom or a hallway, the robot must be able to move freely in arbitrary directions. Therefore, the robot needs to have high controllability and the capability to make precise movements. Our robot can recognize a line by using cameras, and can be controlled in the reference directions by means of comparison with original cell map information; furthermore, it moves safely on the basis of an original center-line established permanently in the building. Correspondence between the robot and a centralized control center enables the robot’s autonomous movement in the hospital. Through a navigation system using cell map information, the robot is able to perform nursing tasks smoothly by changing the camera angle.

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