A Design of VoWLAN Phone SoC and the Development of the Application Test Board

W.-S. So, H.-S. Kang, I.-K. Hwang, G.-J. Koo, D.-H. Kim, Do-Young Kim, and Dae-Young Kim (Korea)


VoIP, VoWLAN, IP phone, SoC, ARM926EJ-S


This paper is about the design of a VoWLAN(Voice over wireless LAN) phone SoC(System On a Chip) and the development of application test board to support voice communication services through Internet. We integrated all functions of wireless VoIP phone in this chip to make a low cost, simple, smart wireless LAN IP phone. This chip has been designed and developed with the functions of 32bit ARM core processor, network access with WLAN MAC and WLAN PHY, and various user access interfaces. To verify the functions of this chip we used several ASIC design and simulation tools, and developed function verification test boards for this chip. Also we developed several chip test programs, user application programs, and call control protocol including audio codec programs. After the chip was manufactured we tested all of the basic functions of the chip and the application functions of the wireless LAN IP phone on the test board. This SoC is 316 pin BGA package, TSMC 0.18um process, and 27x27 mm chip size.

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