Secure Internet Access and the Role of Network Smart Card

A.M. Ali and M.A. Montgomery (USA)


Internet, smart card, authentication, SSL/TLS, online security, OTP.


This paper describes the technological innovation of Network Smart Card - a next generation smart card architecture that supports standard Internet communication and security protocols – and shows how it can address some of the weaknesses inherent in the current Internet access framework. We look at several common methods of authenticating users as well as servers during online transactions and show how they can be improved by the use of Network Smart Card. The motivation and architecture of the Network Smart Card are explained. Finally, the advantages of Network Smart Card are evaluated against other forms of two-factor authentication, such as conventional smart cards, and OTP tokens. The use of this technology can have benefits that go beyond authentication; the Network Smart Card can act as a user-agent and interact with Internet servers on user's behalf, providing a significantly enhanced level of trust and data security during online transactions.

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