Design and Implementation of Web Service based Ocean Spatial Information Service Platform

Y. Zhang and X. Zhang (PRC)


ocean spatial information, spatial data, service platform, Web service


In order to realize the data sharing of ocean spatial information, we designed and implemented a Web service based ocean spatial information service platform. In this platform, ocean spatial information is stored and managed by popular relation database system and a uniform spatial data engine interface is provided to access ocean spatial information stored in terms of various formats. The architecture of this platform is described in detail. In Web Services for J2EE development environment, we implemented this platform. Oracle Spatial (spatial data management module of Oracle9i) is used to store and manage ocean spatial data of different formats. The related spatial data operations of VCF (vector chart format) are implemented in this environment. Finally, the data processing key technologies of this platform are introduced. Web services [2, 3, 4] are loosely-coupled functions that can be executed remotely by users on the internet regardless the platforms implemented. Web Services are a set of protocols based on XML (Extensible Markup Language). The Web services protocol stack [3] is shown in Figure 1.

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