Modified Differentially Noncoherent Detection Scheme for MB-FODM System

Y. Jin, J. Ahn, and M. Rim (Korea)


Signal detection, acquisition, differentially noncoherent, MB-OFDM, jamming, synchronization.


A robust signal detection algorithm is proposed to achieve simultaneous signal detection and frequency hopping instance decision for multi-band orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (MB-OFDM) system. Due to the frequency hopping structures to provide multiple simultaneously operating piconets (SOP), the signal detection algorithm for the MB-OFDM should operate under pulsed Gaussian noise interferences which come from the adjacent piconets. By modifying the cross-correlation based differentially noncoherent (DNC) signal detection algorithm, minimization of the false alarm and missing probability is achieved over the MB-OFDM operating environments. Simulation results show the improved and robust performances with the proposed modified differentially noncoherent (MDNC) signal detection algorithm over conventional ones.

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