A Global View: A Web-based Training Needs Analysis of E-Learning Professionals Across Cultures

A. Murphy (UK)


e-learning and e -training, web-based education and training, design and development of on–line learning, learning across cultures


Interest in delivering training, especially via innovative and exploratory methods such as e-learning or blended formats, has received increasing attention over the past decade [1]. While many believe there is a world wide market for e learning programmes very few achieve a significant reach outside of their home market or have considered the pedagogical problems associated with working in different educational cultures. The current study is based on the authors work in developing Global Campus an e learning platform delivering undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in the UK and from the Middle East through to China. Further work was funding from the European Commission, bring together universities, in Europe and in South East Asia, to develop a training programme for teaching professionals who wish to move into the e-teaching arena from a face to face one. The current work is an exploratory study designed to investigate what Eastern and Western participants feel are important aspects of training. Communication, student support, design issues and working with the learning environment emerged as the main training needs areas. Other aspects of training surfaced, such as the type of training desired, amount of time that could be devoted to training, and barriers to e-teaching. The discussion centres on essential elements to be considered during and for the development of an e-learning or blended training programme.

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