E-Learning for General Practitioners / Family Physicians: Barriers and Enablers

C. Kell and M. McPherson (UK)


e-learning, continuing professional development, family physicians, general practitioners, Delphi.


Increasingly, e-learning is being offered as one of the options for the continuing professional development (CPD) of family physicians and general practitioners (GPs). In the UK the Government has invested heavily in Information Communication Technology (ICT) and has thus provided the means for GPs to access e-learning. As yet, little investigation has been published as to which factors might motivate this group of doctors to use e-learning. This study is attempting to elicit which barriers and enablers for participating in e-learning are seen as most important by a group of GPs in the UK. This qualitative study involves the use of Delphi, which is an iterative written discussion of a particular issue or question. In the Delphi first round, GP participants identified some of the benefits and highlighted areas of concern. In this paper, initial conclusions regarding future provision of e-learning packages and support are drawn and suggestions are made regarding the need for changes in Department of Health policy in provision of the NHS net. Further research in the following Delphi rounds will be conduced to refine these findings.

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