Engineering Education WITHIN UniSA E-Environment

Z. Nedic, J. Machotka, and A. Nafalski (Australia)


Engineering Education, Flexible Delivery, and UniSAnet


A widespread use of the e-environment for teaching and learning is certainly an important aspect of higher education at the beginning of 21st century. In the past engineering education, more than other disciplines, relied on the use of computers due to the requirements for simulation of complex engineering systems. However, the introduction of the Internet brought a dramatic change for global teaching and the learning environment. In the current technological age, when the Internet is widely embraced not just by students but by all community members, web based teaching is becoming a compulsory part of the higher education structure. Nowadays students simply expect us to supplement face-to face teaching with at least some form of on-line delivery of courses. However, a lot of research needs to be done on various aspects of utilising the new technology in order to maximise its benefits for students. This paper describes the web based environment at the University of South Australia and how it can be effectively used in teaching first year engineering courses.

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