Semantic Learning Model and Extended Student Model: Towards an AHAM-based Adaptive System

H. Madhour, M. Wentland Forte, and E. Fernandes (Switzerland)


AHAM, pedagogical segmentation, Student model, and adaptive hypermedia


In adaptive hypermedia systems, we distinguish AHAM as the most popular reference model which is based on the Dexter model. Our work consists on building an adaptive system following this model. In this paper, we deal both with the domain and the user’s model. On one hand, the domain model called Semantic Learning Model (SLM) is described taking into account the pedagogical structure resulting from our pedagogical segmentation process. On the other hand, our user’s model called eXtended Student Model (XSM) based on an ad hoc integration of the AHAM's user’s model as well as the IMS/LIP and IEEE/PAPI standards.

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