The Collaborative Process of Developing a Learning Object

C. MacDonald, E. Stodel, T.L. thompson, B. Muirhead, C. Hinton, B. Carson, and E. Banit (Canada)


learning objects, higher education, elearning, collaboration, conceptual frameworks


In many universities there seems to be an “eLearning Contradiction” between the expressed need to integrate technology into the teaching and learning process and what is actually occurring in the majority of classrooms. In this paper we describe the collaborative process we used to design an online Conceptual Framework Learning Object (C-FLO; the object can be viewed at This account is grounded in practical experiences and supported by the research literature. First, we offer a rationale for the development of C-FLO. We then illustrate how an interdisciplinary collaborative perspective enhanced both the process and learning outcomes. The impact of this learning object from both the learners’ and professors’ perspectives is detailed. Collaborative projects such as C FLO where professors share resources and expertise to improve student learning could be a first step toward addressing the eLearning Contradiction.

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