Introduction to Risk Management e-Learning Web based Tool for Healthcare Professionals

C. Minas (UK)


e-learning, web based education (WBE), NHS, risk management, e-pedagogy


This paper presents an introduction to risk management e learning web based tool for healthcare professionals. Our work is based on the combination of a web based tool and a database management tool. It provides risk management educational material and functionality in order for the users to build up a risk reports database based on their job experience and those educational materials. The system is using internet tools that provide authoring services of e content (i.e. examples, exercises, glossary, references, e library, announcements, web links) and asynchronous communication (i.e. message tool). The distributed, interoperable and user-friendly architecture implemented allows the existence of different user levels depending on their role. Moreover, the system is using a pedagogy method which blends the theory and the practice.

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