Be Your Own Guru: Fusion of Technology and Wisdom

R. Shukla, S. Kyle, V. Shukla, and K. Ganeshan (New Zealand)


Self-help, E-therapy, web-based application, Cognitive therapy, Eastern and western scriptures


In this paper the authors have described a web-based expert system, Be Your Own Guru, developed by the authors. The authors have used the web technology for empowering people by helping them discover their own hidden potential. The technology will help in bringing down the veil covering the individual potential and provide the means for developing a better understanding of the world and the self. This self-discovery expert system presents various scenarios, suggestions and choices, and encourages the users to be proactive in recognising their own potential, and making changes to the way they live. This expert system is not designed for providing, quick and ready made solutions, but as a tool that anyone can use to discover ways in which they can have a better understanding of the ever-changing world and how they can reprogram themselves to improve their lives and that of others.

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