Computer Ethics and Online Learning

M.G. Ben-Jacob (USA)


Computer ethics, online learning


This millennium is experiencing a growth in online distance education and instructional technology. The concept of hybrid courses that have both an on-site and online component and pure online courses are becoming extremely popular. The increased use of computers across the curriculum necessitates that our students be knowledgeable about computer ethics and the related social and legal issues. This is true even more so for online students who are working in a more independent academic venue than their counterparts in the traditional classroom. A natural means of accomplishing this is to integrate the study of computer ethics across the curriculum. This paper describes examples of ethical issues some of which are subject independent and some that are subject dependent, including concerns such as intellectual property rights, critical thinking and data mining. A format for an instructor to generate his/her own examples and activities is also developed. Worksheets as well as class activities are included. Case studies and scenarios are presented as well.

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