Collaborative and Distributed Augmented Reality in Teaching Multi-Variate Calculus

C. Orozco, P. Esteban, and H. Trefftz (Colombia)


Augmented Reality, visualization, function transformation, surfaces.


This article presents the first results of using an Augmented Reality (AR) tool, designed to support tutoring sessions in multi-variate calculus. The tool is used either in a face-to-face setting in which the instructor and the students are collocated or in a distance setting, in which the instructor and students are physically in remote places. The tool was used with two groups of students of Differential Calculus. The students had not been exposed to the concept of equations involving 3 variables and the corresponding surfaces in space. The experience explored how students generalized 2D graphics and equations with their 3D surfaces counterparts with the help of the tool.

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