Finding a Learning Path: Toward a Swarm Intelligence Approach

S. Gutiérrez, A. Pardo, and C.D. Kloos (Spain)


adaptive sequencing, swarm intelligence, stigmergy, graphs, tutoring system


A web-based intelligent tutoring system with some swarm intelligence capabilities is presented. It is based on a for mer one which led to good results in experiments with real students. Adaptation to the students, necessary for a more efective learning experience is achieved through two means: the use of sequencing graphs and swarm in telligence techniques. Sequencing graphs determine which paths are available for the students. Succesful paths tra versed by students are reinforced in the graph. This infor mation is presented to the students every time they finish a learning unit, so they can choose next units with some information about how their peers did perform in the same situation. The mechanisms of stigmergy will lead to the appearance of optimum learning paths.

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