Developing an On-Line Course/Instructor Evaluation System

V. Pougatchev, N. George, G. Lue, and R. Williams (Jamaica)


Online, Course Evaluation, Instructor Evaluation, Distributed Internet Architecture, N-Tier System, Evaluation, DNA. 2. “Paper-based” vs “On-line” systems


The new on-line Course/Instructor Evaluation System is flexible, anonymous, secure, efficient, and customizable. It is designed to be database-driven so that data can be converted to useful information instantaneously with strong data mining and reporting capabilities that can aid effective decision-making. The demand for immediacy in the instructor and course evaluation feedback has long been an issue with academic staff, who perceive the paper-based system as an “autopsy” of their instructional strategies that provides little useful feedback because of the time lag between completion of the forms and receipt of the report of the results. Systems to monitor and ensure effective teaching and learning are extremely important and timely as many institutions seek to maximize the educational benefits to be derived from continuing improvements in technologies. This article describes an On-line Course/Instructor Evaluation System based on Internet technologies that improves on an existing paper-based evaluation system.

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