An Efficient and Scalable Clustering Algorithm for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

D.G. Gavalas, G.E. Pantziou, B.G. Mamalis, and C.G. Konstantopoulos (Greece)


Ad-Hoc networks, wireless, clustering, algorithm, adaptive broadcast period.


Organization, scalability and routing have been identified as key problems hindering viability and commercial success of mobile ad hoc networks. Clustering of mobile nodes among separate domains has been proposed as an efficient approach to address those issues. In this work, we introduce an efficient distributed clustering algorithm that uses both location and energy metrics for stable cluster formation. Unlike existing active clustering methods, out algorithm relieves the network from the unnecessary burden of control messages broadcasting. This is achieved through adapting broadcast period according to mobile nodes mobility pattern. For relative static network topologies, broadcast period is lengthened. In contrast, broadcast period is shortened to meet the requirements of highly dynamic networks for consistent cluster configurations.

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