Swprdfish: A Simulator for High-Performance Networks

M. Nüssle, H. Fröning, and U. Brüning (Germany)


: High Performance Computing and Network ing, Modelling and Simulation, Interconnection Networks, Cluster Computing


SWORDFISH (Simple Wormhole Routing and Fault Injection on Simulated Hardware) is a simulator to explore the design space of high-performance networks. The simu lator features a high modularity and is configurable by plug-ins. The simulated network is scalable to a large number of nodes and its modules are parameterizable to model timing, delays and buffer sizes. A simple and univer sal method to generate communication patterns is based on the single program multiple data (SPMD) programming model. Various topologies from distributed to centralized switches with a extendable variety of routing and arbitra tion functions can be generated easily. Extensive possibili ties to collect both performance and statistical data gives the network designer a large set of data to prove the design decisions. Accuracy is proven by comparing the simulation results to real performance measurements of an existing network.

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