JICOS: A Java-Centric Network Computing Service

P. Cappello and C.J. Coakley (USA)


cluster, distributed, grid, parallel, divide-and-conquer, branch-and-bound


JICOS is a Java-centric distributed service for high performance parallel computing. Its API is especially suited to divide-and-conquercomputations. Computational tasks can access a global read-only input object and a muta ble object that is shared asynchronously. These features en able an elegant expression of branch-and-bound optimiza tion, which is used as the benchmark for the performance experiments. The API includes a simple set of application controlled directives for improving performance by reduc ing communication latency or overlapping it with task exe cution. The architecture manages a host processor set that can change during the program execution for reasons that include faulty hosts. Experimental results confirm high parallel efficiency on branch-and-bound. Experiments also confirm efficient recovery from host failures. JICOS reports a computation’s actual critical path time, which can be used to calculate the maximum available parallelism of a prob lem instance.

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