Effective Remote MPI-I/O on a Parallel Virtual File System using a Circular Buffer: A Case Study for Optimization

Y. Tsujita (Japan)


MPI, MPI-I/O, Stampi, MPI-I/O process, circular buffer, PVFS


A flexible intermediate library named Stampi realizes seamless remote MPI-I/O operations on interconnected computers with the help of its MPI-I/O process which is invoked on a remote computer. The MPI-I/O process car ries out I/O operations using UNIX I/O according to I/O re quests from user processes. A Parallel Virtual File System (PVFS) was supported in the remote MPI-I/O mechanism for data-intensive applications. To achieve high through put, the MPI-I/O process has adopted a circular buffer mechanism. By optimizing configuration of the buffer, UNIX I/O outperformed direct use of PVFS I/O.

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