A Lazy Replication Scheme for Loosely Synchronized UDDI Registries

M. Surgihalli and K. Vidyasankar (Canada)


Concurrency control, Transactions, Lazy replication, Session guarantee, Web services, UDDI Registries.


Web services have created a platform-neutral environment for business processes to communicate. The number of companies using Web services is expected to grow exponentially. As such, the number of queries to name directory services, Universal Description Discovery and Integration (UDDI) registries, is expected to be very high. To facilitate high availability, UDDI version 3 suggests replication. For quick response and scalability, a lazy replication scheme is appropriate for UDDI registries. Here, update transactions are executed at primary site(s), committed, and then updates are transmitted to other sites asynchronously. Then, for a user accessing different sites in the operations of a session, a session guarantee mechanism is needed to ensure consistent access. In this paper, we propose a lazy replication scheme that ensures one copy serializability and provides session guarantee. Advantages of our algorithm include ― flexibility in executing update transactions pessimistically or optimistically, and a fine-grained session guarantee.

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