Time-Efficient Layer-2 Auto-Configuration for Cognitive Radios

S. Krishnamurthy, M. Thoppian, S. Kuppa, S. Venkatesan, R. Chandrasekaran, N. Mittal, and R. Prakash (USA)


Cognitive Radio, Multi-channel, Auto-configuration, Dis tributed Algorithm


Cognitive radios £ CR¤ have the ability to dynamically adapt to local spectrum availability. In a network com prised of CR-enabled devices, layer-¥ auto-configuration involves determining a common set of channels £ also re ferred to as the global channel set¤ to facilitate communica tion among participating nodes. This is a unique challenge as nodes in the CR network are unaware of (a) their neigh bors and (b) the channels on which they can communicate with a neighbor. In this paper, we propose a time-efficient distributed algorithm for layer-¥ auto-configuration for a CR network. Our algorithm finds the global channel set in ¦§£©¨£§¤¤ timeslots, where ¨ is the maximum number of nodes deployed,  is the maximum number of available channels for communication and  is the di ameter of the network. All nodes know ¨ and  . We present a diameter-aware and a diameter-unaware version of the algorithm. For highly sparse networks £ such as a lin ear chain topology where  ¨"!$#%¤ , with ¨& ')( and 0$12( , the diameter-aware configuration protocol termi nates within 143%57698A@CB)3 and the diameter-unaware version terminates within #7¥D375%698A@CB)3 .

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