The Balancing-Flow Reverse Path Join Protocol based on Multicast

H. Lü, Y. He, W. Wen, and X. Li (PRC)


Protocol, multicast, dynamic membership, neighbor node, the balancing-flow reverse path join protocol


Most of the multicast routing protocols form multicast trees by the shortest paths. But the shortest paths likely become congestion, which leads to the long delay. So the shortest path doesn’t mean the best path. This paper proposes the Balancing-flow Reverse Path Join protocol (BRPJ). BRPJ protocol selects a path according to both the number of the multicast sessions sharing the same neighbor node and the length of a path. The probability of congestion decreases. Using analysis, the complexity and storage of BRPJ is O(n). Through simulation, we show that the rate of discarded packets is lower and the delay is shorter on the whole. 2 2 3 5 4

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