Maglog: A Mobile Agent Framework for Distributed Models

S. Motomura, T. Kawamura, and K. Sugahara (Japan)


Distributed Software Systems and Applications, Mobile Agent, P2P, Java


A novel distributed model characterized by the following features is proposed in this paper. Each computer has client functions concurrently with server functions assigned. Ev ery computer is able to join and to leave the system flexi bly. While server functions of the system do not change as a whole, they are shared on each computer flexibly. That is, the server functions of each computer vary according to the conditions of computers joined to the system. To implement our model, the new framework named Maglog for mobile agent systems is designed and devel oped on Java environment. In Maglog, a concept called “field” is introduced. By using this concept, the following functions are realized. Firstly, the agent migration which is the function that enables agents to migrate between com puters. Secondly, the inter-agent communication which is the indirect communication with other agents through the field. That is, an agent is able to import data or programs that other agents stored into the field. Finally, the adap tation which is the function that enables agents to execute programs stored in the field. The effectiveness of the proposed model and Maglog are confirmed through the demonstrations of two applica tions: the distributed e-Learning system and the schedule arrangement system.

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