Safety and Hazard Analysis in Concurrent Systems

S. Rao and C. Zhang (USA)


distributed computing, concurrency, safety, formal methods, lattice theory


Safety is a well-known and important class of property of software programs [4] (for instance, partial correctness is a safety property), and of systems in general. The work done here is for the purpose of laying a theoretical and mathematical foundation for allowing static analyses of systems to further safety. States where safety still exists but is liable to be compromised later are fur ther divided into diļ¬€erent kinds, with functions giving the nature of the system state. Also considered is a notion of a hazard, which can be informally characterized by saying that hazard exists in safe states that may lead to undesirable events. Details, including proofs of theorems, and further theoretical development (including applications to system composition), may be seen in [8].

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