Web Services Development Process

H. Yun, Y. Kim, E. Kim, and J. Park (Korea)


Web services, SOA, service identification, and service assessment.


Web service technology has been emerged as a de facto standard for integrating distributed applications and systems. To integrate of heterogeneous distributed systems, there exist various researches and developments for the purpose of its adoption into enterprise environment. However, when web service technologies are applied, it is difficult to adopt directly existing software system development methodologies, because of the peculiar architecture of web services, such as service provider, service requestor, and service repository. In this paper, we define web services development process called M4WSD (Method for Wes Services Development). M4WSD involves procedures and guidelines to develop web services based on a Use Case model that is elicited from a business domain in requirement analysis. We focus on how to identify and how to determine key realization decisions for each service. The benefit of the identification method based on Use Cases is that the services has the business of the domain reflected well and is in its proper granularity. The assessment guidelines help you to structure the problem of determining implementation strategy

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